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We provide u professional sound services as well as all solutions concerning your harp

Sharpsound VOF

Wijnveld 60, 9112 Sinaai-Waas
Tel Sound: +32 (0) 472 322 330
Tel Harps : +32 (0) 472 742 864
Email : info@sharpsound.be

For everyone

We offer something for everyone:

from beautiful beginner harps adapted to the height of children, to elegant 'professional' Celtic harps

On the soundboard

The Kerscher harps come standard either without or with an engraved decoration on the soundbox. On order, these decorations can be chosen from a wide range, to fit your needs, but you can also provide your own proposal or drawing. In the photo gallery you may get an idea of all the types of decorations that are possible.

At the end of the neck

At the end of the harps neck, next to the last tuning pin, decorations can also be applied. Engraved Celtic rosettes or flowers, or all sorts of images in marquetry (wood or mother of pearl).

A recent novelty is working with the following technique: a round cavity is spared out at the location of the decoration, allowing the customer to choose which rosette is placed there.
Thus one can even after the manufacture of the harp or with an existing harp in the showroom, still 'personalize' the instrument to ones own taste.

Examples of embellishments on the neckline and the 'rosettes system' can be found in the photo gallery.