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We provide u professional sound services as well as all solutions concerning your harp

Sharpsound VOF

Wijnveld 60, 9112 Sinaai-Waas
Tel Sound: +32 (0) 472 322 330
Tel Harps : +32 (0) 472 742 864
Email : info@sharpsound.be

For everyone

We offer something for everyone:

from beautiful beginner harps adapted to the height of children, to elegant 'professional' Celtic harps

We always have all strings in stock. It suffices to email us the strings you need, with your postal address and we will send them to you within 24h.

Tips to identify and order the right string:

  • What brand and type of harp do I have
  • Which stringing is on it (carbon, nylon, gut)
  • With what note my harp starts at the top
  • What is the note name of the broken string you want to replace (C, D, E ...)


The highest string that the Celtic harp can start with is a MI (E) This is therefore No. 1 Most Celtic harps however start only at the LA (A) five notes lower, which means that it is already the No. 5  (even though it is the first string at the top of your harp)


Click here to download the pdf for a list of prices for each string in the different materials.

  • Celtic harps
    • Nylon
    • Gut
    • Metal
  • Pedal harp
    • Nylon (upper octave)
    • Gut
    • Metal
  • Nylon
  • Carbon
  • Gut
  • Fluocarbon