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We provide u professional sound services as well as all solutions concerning your harp

Sharpsound VOF

Wijnveld 60, 9112 Sinaai-Waas
Tel Sound: +32 (0) 472 322 330
Tel Harps : +32 (0) 472 742 864
Email : info@sharpsound.be

For everyone

We offer something for everyone:

from beautiful beginner harps adapted to the height of children, to elegant 'professional' Celtic harps

Harp playing is for everyone, young and old, with or without previous knowledge of music or notes, as long as the love for the instrument comes from your heart!

In our professional music room, I like to teach you the principles of the harp technique or I accompany you gladly on your discovery of the harp repertoire entirely at your pace, according to your taste in music and without any extra stress or liabilities (such as exams at the music school) .

Would you like to discover if harp playing is something for you? Come along for a 'taster' or contact us for more information about private lessons.


Private Lessons: by appointment only